Wait List Option NOW HAPPENING Jan 26, 2023

Watch this brief walkthrough video to discover how to go about putting yourself on my Wait List.


Instead of texting or calling me to find a slot or ask if I have any cancellations - that feature is now supported inside our scheduling software.

Be good or don't get caught!

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Trimming your beard at home Jan 24, 2023

Frustrated because you just got your beard trimmed by a professional a day or two ago and you've found something wrong with it?

Well the answer isn't go back to your barber every day for another beard trim.......

.....trim your beard at home all by yourself.

In this video find out:
1. How...
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Throwback - Types of Haircuts Jan 17, 2023

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today so the video tip I'm sharing is from the past.

The discussion here is regarding types of haircuts.

  1. We'll delve into the classic taper, what makes it a tapered haircut...
  2. Have a look at the pompadour haircut
  3. Some classic men sporting some of them.
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Pomades - How to Use them Jan 09, 2023

In this video Tips and Tricks we'll discuss:


How to use Pomade to:

  • Get the best hold possible
  • Avoid using too much
  • Remove daily worry over your hair styling
  • Look good all day long
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What type of shampoo should you use? barbering do it better hair health profesisonal advice shampoo tips & tricks Jan 02, 2023

Shampoo is a long-contested argument.  Some say that shampoo is shampoo and it isn't worth paying for expensive product.  In this video I'll give you my views on the matter.

This is based on a career of thirteen-plus years in the industry as a professionally licensed Barber.



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How often should you shampoo your hair? Dec 27, 2022

My name is Mitchell T. Palmer - You KNOW my name DAMNIT!

This is a discussion of what happens between visits to your barbershop.  I like to call this Beyond Barbering.

Today is a video and consists of an entry is about shampooing and how often you should wash your hair for the healthiest...

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Maybe a Barber? Sep 12, 2022

It's important to be All-In about your barbering career.  If the message in this video sounds familiar then I ask

"What are you doing about it?"

Beyond Barbering Academy

Check it out:


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Welcome to the Beyond Barbering Blog Jun 14, 2022

We'll get up and running with new content soon!



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